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The importance of hiring a specialist architectural photographer

I have recently posted my latest photos on an online architectural photography group where I can receive critique and comments on them, something I often do in order to improve my images, get fresh ideas off other specialists in the field and see the photos through other eyes. One comment that kind of stuck with me was something like this "...even the table condiments being perfectly aligned and in identical position looks like you have a problem with them being out of place, I mean they are just table condiments...".

Now, I am a perfectionist, I like things to look right and in order, arranged and where they should be, that can be seen in my day to day life, and in my work from my business cards to my camera case where everything is labeled and has its own special places.

This perfectionism is reflected in the way I photograph architectural interiors and exteriors. I always pay a huge amount of attention to the details, like light flares bouncing of a window, or in some spaces you get the annoying crack/stain on the ceiling.

That is why removing wall sockets, electrical cords, reflections in a tv screen or in a framed picture in post production matters so much and sometimes can make or break a photograph. Nobody is going to notice a missing wall socket, but if left in the shot, it can draw the viewers attention away from what matters the most. Let's take a look at a few examples:

Quick and easy fix to remove reflections from glass.

As you can see in the picture above, removing the reflection is simple and easy to do. The whole process took maybe 5 minutes both on location and in post production. You can see in the final image how much it has changed the scene and the eye isn't drawn to the the wall.

Removing wall sockets and electrical cords.

Here you can see what a big difference it makes to remove the ugly and unwanted cables and wall sockets. Not to mention the rust on the heater. This took a bit of time to do in post production but it was worth the effort.

I have seen many good photos of architectural interiors or architectural exteriors, well exposed, well composed, but the photographer chose not to give any thought to the details that make the big picture, and for me that is a no-no. 

A photographer who is specialising in a certain field of photography will always care how his photos look, he will never allow for details like the ones aforementioned here to distract the viewer, he will also compose each photo with effort and treat it will end up in his portfolio.


Automotive Photography

Cars have always been a big part of my life and I have a great passion for them, and I also love being an automotive photographer in my spare time or when I'm not photographing interiors.

When it comes to shooting cars, I think it's safe to say that you can let your imagination run wild and get very creative. You are not limited to the confines of walls, location or light as opposed to interiors or architectural photography.

Automotive Photography Surrey

There are many reasons why someone would hire you to photograph their car, one of them might be that the owner has a rare or special car and they would like to have it as a framed picture to hang on their wall, in the case of this petrol head, a very large framed photo.

Taking good photos of a car is not easy. Many people are interested in cars, so a photographer needs to make his or her car photo stand out. If done correctly, automotive photography can be fun and rewarding.

Before And After Car Photography

Having shot in this multi-storey car park before, location scouting was a piece of cake, and with it being empty most of the time, it made the photo shoot smooth as silk without any interruptions.

I had this idea of a car spitting flames out of the exhaust and charging down in a car park or tunnel on my mind for quite a while and I was very eager to present it to the client. As you can see from the photo, he agreed that this was a super shot.

BMW M3 E36

Interiors Photography with Signature Group in Santa Ponsa - Mallorca

I’m pretty sure the first thing that springs to mind when hearing about Mallorca is Magaluf. We’ve all heard stories about how this part of the beautiful balearic island is transformed into a nonstop booze consuming and party machine during the high season.

However, about 10 km west of the resort, and in total contrast with the aforementioned town, lies Santa Ponsa. A quiet little town that has 3 golf courses, a private marina and it’s popular with people from Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain, many of whom own villas and apartments, both newly built and old ones, in the hills of each side of the bay, some of which have been constructed or renovated by the Signature Group.

At the time, they’ve hired me to photograph 3 of their projects, so I packed all my gear, which is constantly getting bigger and bulkier by the way, and got on a 2 hour flight to Palma. It was indeed an exciting and great opportunity to get to photograph million euros worth of houses on such a wonderful island.

Dining room minimalist design

Their modern minimalist interior design is their signature (pun intended). I think the approach to architecture and design they take fits well within the island’s scenery with just the right amount of luxury and glamour, and it’s always a great pleasure to photograph. Think about it from this perspective, the climate is very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching in excess of 35 C in the summer; the interiors they design are uncluttered and cool, with clean lines, sharp angles, and pale colours. Big windows to bring in lots of light and give the feeling of space. After a long day at the beach, playing golf in the scorching sun or cycling in the mountains, a cool place where you can relax and unwind is very sought after.

Being an architectural and interiors photographer has its perks and one of them being that I get to travel to wonderful places and photograph amazing spaces and architecture. The next time you make it to Mallorca make the effort of renting a small car and travel the winding roads of the island, visit the vineyards, the olive plantations, the beautiful Tramuntana mountains and go to a secluded beach. Everything within a maximum of one hour’s drive…And don’t forget to admire on the way the modern houses hidden away behind the pine trees...

Architectural Photography - Shooting for architects & interior designers

Many times, the only way the public or potential clients can come face to face with your designs or projects is through photographs, photographs that capture the feeling and document the space the way its designer intended.

Photographing for interior designers and other types of designers (furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) requires getting up close and personal with the subjects, with narrower focal lengths as opposed to property or real estate photography where shooting wider is recommended - but not always beneficial.

A very big part of creating beautiful images is the use of artificial lighting. Natural light isn't always the best option to shoot with, and in some cases it's totally absent - this is where masterful use of artificial light steps in.

An immense amount of work, time and effort has gone into your designs, therefore photos that capture the beauty and functionality of your work are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating effective marketing materials.